PMS merger is historic in the history of transport union in Oyo state as Otunba Seye is Mr unifier By Royal Umbrella 

Security personnel should look out for faceless group called ‘Ibadan Mandate Group who their prayer is to make Oyo state ungovernable for His Excellency Governor Seyi Makinde  through their unholy hidden agenda in transport union to forment trouble & disunity in newly inaugurated PMS in Oyo State. 

Omooba Seye Famojuro should be addressed as Mr Unifier who settled all disputes in PMS within a WEEK. 

There is no doubt that  Seye Famojuro is a Prince from Osun state and we always follow him home to celebrate different ceremonies with him. 

Some ingrates and useless people are hiding under umbrella of PMS to tarnish good images of Ade-Ori_Okin, Otunba, Balogun & Omooba Seye Famojuro.

Otunba Afidipotemole, Sir, Je ki won ma bu e, Ebu ki i so .. as the good people of Oyo state are happy for peaceful operation of PMS .

With ♥️

Hon Yomi Olajide

Ore Gomina

Royal Umbrella

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