Unleashing Creativity: LAI organizes Literacy Program for Children, calls for increased collaborations

An SDG-focused community based organization, Literacy Assured Initiative (LAI), has resolved to ensuring equitable access to quality education for children and individuals across 16 local governments in Kwara State and beyond.

In a bid to achieve the above-mentioned, LAI organized a Literacy Program for Children on Saturday at Ile Apa community, Kwara State in commemoration of the this year Children’s Day celebration.

In a statement signed by the Executive Director, Ahmed Adebowale, the project consisted programmes aimed at helping children with little to no access to formal education to establish a foundational knowledge.

Among programmes children were engaged in include; storytelling, numeracy, recital and mental mathematics to strengthening their critical thinking skills. Others are art & mental literacy to explore their creative minds, and engagement with parents to discuss child rights, matters incidental to it and its legal implications of violating those rights.

“On sustainability approach to this project, we resolved to establishing a Literacy Club in a bid to develop models to address lack of access to early learning and schooling for over 300 children in Ile-Apa and to achieve significant impacts in the long run in line with the #SDG4.”

The statement further highlighted few issues noticed in the community which include: “Underdeveloped community; no access to basic teaching materials for children; no active and responsive teachers, kids within the range of 4-9years cannot correctly spell nor write their names, difficulty in engaging in formal education procedures without help.

Adebowale has urged national and international organizations to partner or sponsor the initiative @ [email protected] as it embarks on massive solution-oriented approach to address these issues and give over 10,000 children access to education they deserve.

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