London Business Summit: Sangodoyin Delivers A paper On Infrastructure Revolution For Sustainable Development Of Oyo State 

The Commissioner for Public Works, Infrastructure and Transport, Professor Kehinde Sangodoyin has joined other dignitaries to deliver a paper at the ongoing London Business Summit. 

Below is the update from the summit:

Oyo State under the astute visionary Leadership of Governor Seyi Makinde aspires to deliver High Impact, Capital intensive, Cross Functional Infrastructure projects that will add value to the Prosperity Road Map and transforming Oyo State into physically functional , economically vibrant, social harmonious and aesthetically delightful preferred destination for all.

The goal of OmiTitun 2.0 is to achieve sustainable infrastructure development in Urban and Rural areas  of Oyo State. 

Our administration infrastructure projects underpin  Key priority areas: Health-there is need for PPP for  upgrade and maintenance of existing State Owned Secondary Care Facilities. 

Education- investor can partner with OYSG to build hostels for students in Tertiary Institutions. We have opportunities to invest in our IBADAN CIRCULAR ROAD PROJECTS and the Development corridor -, HOUSING ESTATE, IBADAN INLAND DRY PORT, INDUSTRIAL PARK, MEGA VEHICULAR TRANSIT AREA, IBADAN MEDICAL DISTRV AND INTRA RAIL TRANSPORTATION.

Doing more with less, with over N125.5 bln in capital expenditure (2019-2022) domiciled in ministry of public works and transport with delivered 157 km of roads, in 12 projects and another 339 km ongoing in 19 projects.

In concluding the approach is Win-Win-Win:

• Government Wins When the needs of citizens, dwellers, travelers, businesses are met in a robust environment thriving for prosperity.

• Citizen’s win occurs when they are free to pursue happiness and livelihood and feel enabled to achieve these.

• Private sector wins occurs when it grows profitably and enjoys the ample human and the ample human and natural resources endowed in the state, giving back its royalties, taxes and formidable return to shareholders.

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