Kishi can never forget Oba Adeyemi III— Iba of Kishi 

The Iba of Kisi, HRM Oba (Dr) Engr. Masoud Aweda Lawal (JP) Arowoduye II, has said that he could never forget what late Oba Adeyemi did to make it possible for him to ascend the throne of his forefathers. Heritage Echo reports.

The monarch, during an interview, said he had known Oba Adeyemi III since the time he was an engineer with a private company and kabiyesi had investigated him before ascending the throne.

After ascending the throne, he said Oba Adeyemi at times called him thrice a week, discussing on how peace will reign in Yoruba land. He would advise him on how he would overcome challenges in his domain.

According to Iba of Kisi, Oba Adeyemi III was a very intelligent and brilliant monarch. His presence was always felt anywhere he went and was always talk-of-the town even weeks after he visited a place. As he quoted from the Qur’an, so also would he quote from the Bible.

Everything about him made a statement, his caps, clothes, shoes and others. He used to fight for all Yorubaland, on how peace will reign in every domain and how each one will obtain his rights and entitlement. He was a very good and brave leader who would tell the truth no matter whose is gored.

And that’s why Alaafin’s palace was a kind of secretariat as every monarch would come to receive counsel on how to obtain rights and entitlement. It was Alaafin that obtained right of Olunisia of Inisha for him and many obas in Osun State.

Alaafin was so accommodating monarchs from Republic of Benin always sought for Alaafin. In all the countries I accompanied him to, he always spoke like an erudite scholar. All Obas on Kwara state deferred to the Alaafin.

Even the Sultan of Sokoto and the Emir of Kano considered Alaafin as the foremost monarch in Yoruba land.

On behalf of all Obas in Oke-ogun, we will continue to remember Oba Adeyemi III for good. His death wasa great loss to Yorubaland. An elephant has fallen, an elephant has gone. I greet all Ayabas. I implore all his princes to relate with love and be united. I commend Oyomesi for holding the forte. They should please, try and appoint a worthy successor.

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