New Alaafin: Basorun Of Oyo Running A One-Man Show, Avoiding Other Oyomesi |By Chief Adeoti Olayori

……… Basorun was disgraced out of state government office due to his fraudulent attitude.

There’s always a time for everything in life. I think the time is now for me to open my carton of magnets.

The approach of Oyomesi towards the installation of the new Alaafin is faulty and questionable.

After the last screening section of princes, the oyomesi members, that’s bacon, Agbaakin, samu, Laguna, and Akiniku. They all agreed to meet the following day for further examination of the contenders that were successful during the first face of the interview.

When it was the day the meeting was supposed to be held, no one knew Basorun and Lagunnna’s were about.

The other members were wondering what could have led to the unavailability of Basorun and Laguna. After several hours of waiting, they had to dispatch to their various quarters.

All of a sudden, the information reaching indigenes and other chiefs was Basorun had secretly submitted a particular name from the list without consulting other members. I called some members of Oyomesi to verify the information reaching me if It was realistic and they were very frank with me. High Chief Samu told me he was not part of that and as a matter of fact, they were supposed to hold the second face of the meeting yesterday and they haven’t seen Basorun up to that moment.

I spoke with another member, High Chief again and he also said he was not aware. Whatever he’s not part of can never be realistic.

What the 3rd person told me was the most annoying part. He said they haven’t even listed out those that were successful during the interview.

The questions are…

Who did Basorun consult before sending the name of anyone to the government if the three members of Oyomesi are saying they have no idea of what Basorun is up to?

If not for the people that called the attention of the government to imbalances, basorun could have given Oyos ever lasting embarrassments by installing a street fraudster as a king.

If the government doesn’t hurilly call Basorun to order, the order might call upon him.

He (basorun) has been severally warned to return whatever he has collected from a serial fraudster he had an agreement with by making him Alaafin. He can’t work, no school cert dropped out and a well-known fraudster will be Alaafin. Basorun has been collecting money from him even when the late Alaafin was alive.

Basorun purposely deceived other members by saying they should meet the following day just to perfect his fraudulent act.

When other members confronted him and asked if it was true a particular name was submitted by him, the reply he gave them was he submitted a name on behalf of Oyomesi in council and they shall be notified after. That was how they all flamed up with him and had never been on good terms with him up till now.

I hereby call upon the executive government of Oyo state. his excellency. Eng Oluseyi makinde to send a serious warning to Basorun and Lagunnna in particular to bow down to the laid down protocols of selecting new alaafin.

Whatever they have collected from their fraudulent aspirant should be returned because Alaafin can’t have a court case over fraud. Eewo orisa (Abomination)

Someone that is not educated, not exposed, can’t be traced with one single occupation can never be Alaafin. We have a lot of young blood with countless qualities.

How can someone with inspiration become the Alaafin and he can’t make himself available on the media and let the whole world evaluate him? It is only a bad reputation person that will not let the world aware of his ambition. If he’s not afraid of the wounds he has given people around the globe, he should come out and tell people about the schools he attended, his
Discipline is what he does for a leaving. and his chocolate. Alaafin must be futuristic and dynastically sound. Not one Durella calling himself what he’s Not.

I want to also warn Islamic clerics who are not a member royal family to stay away from troubles they can’t withstand. There’s a right of choice constitutionally, but not to the level a cleric who is supposed to be a role model now championing hypocrisy. 

Indigenes will not take it lightly with such a cleric. Focus on your dahawa and stay away from the trouble you won’t be able to pay the price.

By Chief Adeoti Olayori

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