Positive Hope Organization endorses Makinde for second term, says support based on performances

The reelection bid of Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, on Tuesday received a major boost as Positive Hope Organization with over 5,000 members across the state, unanimously endorsed the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the forthcoming election.

The organization, led by its Director General, Hon. Barrister Ademola Adediji, reaffirmed its support for the second term ambition of Governor Seyi Makinde and his deputy, Barrister Abdul-raheem Adebayo Lawal at a meeting held at the SSG conference room attended by some top government functionaries and party members.

Adediji who disclosed that the organization is not a political party but people of interest looking towards better government for the development of Oyo state, said they were pitching tent with the PDP because of its capacity and the performance of the party’s standard-bearer, Governor Oluwaseyi Makinde.

He stressed that the present government is doing well and they realize that there are a lot of damage information going around and hence, their reason of paying a soldiery visit.

He added that they have about 5,000 registered members across the zone with PVC including coordinators across the 7 zones of Oyo state as well as coordinators in each local government and wards who are ready to cast their vote for PDP on Saturday.

While speaking, the deputy governor of Oyo state, Barritser Adebayo Lawal, who expressed his deep appreciation for their visit and their support for the re-election of governor Seyi Makinde, said such move by them entails commitment.

He urged them to really do the needful and make sure that their numbers of 5,000 is reflected in the voting on Saturday.

According to lawal, you have to secure simple majority and two third spread across the state, saying that both can be achieved through substantial votes for us, adding that if they secure simple majority, victory is certain.

“We are practical people here. Practical in the sense that we are realistic, indeed. When you come forward like this, you’ve spoken of involvement in government. I want you to live behind your record with professor Babatunde for proper identification for involvement in government.

“So, in government, there are many spaces available for opportunities. Either you are doctor, banker, lawyer or administrator, there are offices.

“If the government is back, we will be able to identify that you’ve come to us.”

Lawal said in the last three month, they have been able to vigorously explain what the party has done, saying that they have been going round and campaigning that people should judge them with what they have been able to achieve unlike opposition members who are making sheer blackmails.

“The opposition have not gotten anything to showcase other than sheer blackmail. They have been posting ridiculous things on social media and even playing religious card without any blue print to better the lives of Oyo residents.

“Around this season, blackmail, character assassination among others should be expected as a politician, it will keep flying around you but can’t stay.”

He commended them for heading out for this administration and equally charged them to ensure the victory of the party in the forthcoming election so that Oyo state can further advance.

“Thank you very much, this solemn meeting is a sigh of victory for us. So, we will keep praying to God to make it possible for us, Insha Allah.”

Earlier in his remarks, the Convener, Professor Babatunde urged the members to be mindful of what is being brought to them and should not fall for lies.

He urged them to thumb print umbrella on Saturday and also try to educate farmers, traders and others so that they can also support in the re-election of governor Seyi Makinde.

On his part, the Chairman of pilgrim board Muslim wings said that to enthrone a sitting government is not easy especially with a working and performing government, urging them to disseminate the information to their members to cast their vote for governor Seyi Makinde.

He submitted that by re-electing Governor Makinde is the only way their desires can be met.

Similarly, Joint Farmers Association have also endorsed the re-election of Governor Seyi Makinde,

The association which is spread across all local governments in Oyo state have vowed to deliver governor Seyi Makinde on Saturday.

The group which said they also supported the governor in first term maintained that they are planning to do same again because they believe with Barrister Bayo Lawal as the running mate, they are certain that their interest would be protected.

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