Makinde’s re-election: March 18th is a contest between Oyo residents and dubious politicians— Agbarapo 

According to Hon. Samuel Adejumobi, the current special adviser to the governor on legislative matters and the former majority leader of the Oyo State House of Assembly known as Agbara Jesu Po, the March 18th governorship election will be a contest between Oyo residents and dubious politicians who believe they have the authority to appoint someone as governor. 

Agbarapo made this claim in a voice message that was shared on social media and a copy of which was provided to MOUTHPIECE NGR on Thursday. 

He predicted that many questionable politicians would lose the election because they would be demoted to the point where they would no longer be allowed to engage in politics or address the public.

He expressed his deep thanks to God for giving Oyo state the chance to have someone like Governor Seyi Makinde, who in his opinion is a benefit to the state’s whole population. 

Agbarapo, an Irawo-born politician from Oke-Ogun, stated that he is constantly hurt anytime he hears politicians act as though they are God and claim that they have the capacity to both make Governor Makinde win and fail. 

He warned the pretend politicians to stay in their lane and not in any way push Oyo state backward with their misguided statements, noting that no one has the personal authority to elect a councilor, much less a governor.

Agbarapo warned them that if they don’t pay attention and go back on their words by referring to themselves as the Baba Ilu or using other names that make them equal to God, they must be prepared to fight God since only God has the authority to place someone in a position. 

He emphasized that the people of Oyo state are extremely grateful for Makinde’s good actions and questioned how so-called politicians, who have no occupations other than politics, can complain that the governor didn’t permit them to plunder the state’s coffers. 

He told them to seek out better employment, to quit believing that politics is the only thing for them to do, and to stop bothering Governor Makinde because, by God’s unique grace and because of all he has accomplished, he will be re-elected. 

The former house of assembly member continued by saying that their plans to harm him would fail and that their scheme in Oyo West had gone out, guaranteeing that they would face legal repercussions in that area as well as other locations where they had planned to rig elections. 

He stressed that any INEC officials who attempt to rig an election in favor of the opposition parties will also face God’s wrath, urging them to make sure that the vote of the people is counted. 

While proclaiming that the entire Oke-Ogun populace had likewise committed to defend their ballots and would not permit anyone to rig the election, he urged everyone in Oke-Ogun to vote for Makinde, who had done a lot for the zone’s infrastructure development interns. 

Agbarapo claims that even during the administrations of Ajimobi, among others, and Ladoja, they were unable to complete the construction of the Iseyin roads or acquire ownership of LAUTECH. He questions why these so-called politicians are attempting to bring him down without realizing that God is firmly on his side. 

He stressed that Makinde would receive the support of civil servants, students, pensioners, traders, and others in the upcoming election.

“Whoever want to be Governor should start preparing for 2027 because the large chunks of Oyo residents are so determined for continuity. 

“Forget about the fact that I am in government. It is the reality, and I am just saying this to warn those politicians to br careful with what they are saying up and down that they are the one that gets him elected and failing to realize that it’s God who made it so. 

“So, I urge you all to come out en mass and cast your votes for Governor Makinde as police are everywhere to secure your votes. 

“And to you INEC, you need to be very careful. Don’t allow yourself to be used by politicians. Allow the votes of the people to count. 

“The opposition plan is to use Oyo west, Oyo zone to rig election, if you ever try it and allow Amotekun to apprehend you, you will surely regret your action. 

“Your ploy has been exposed. I’ve been in politics since 1979. So, there’s no hidden place that you can set aside to execute your action or rig election. 

“Makinde is doing wonderfully well. Even the royal fathers are enjoying his governance. People are taking flight from Alakia airport to Macca for Hajj pilgrimage. 

“Civil servants and others, let’s join our hands together so that Governor Makinde can continue his good work. So, let’s make the so called dubious politicians to know that it’s only God that elect people through the votes of the masses.”

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