Makinde, Tested and Trusted – Dare Adeleke

Oyo PDP stalwart, Dare Adeleke has again reiterated his unshaken support for Engr. Seyi Makinde in next Saturday’s guber election.

Adeleke, in an interview with Paparazzi Magazine’s Timothy Olafemi, said it is a fact that most people refer to him as a staunch Makinde ally but his support for the governor is not premised on alliance but based on his achievements in “delivering an unbelievable cache of dividends to the people of Oyo State, in only four years”.

Speaking from his Ibadan home base, Adeleke who is also the Executive Chairman, Oyo Pacesetters Transport Company said Makinde’s achievements are “truly astounding”.

“You see, leadership is not about shouting or barking orders or releasing press statements or signing tons of unactionable MOUs. Leadership is putting the people first, making human security your pivot.
By definition, human security integrates three freedoms: freedom from fear, freedom from want and the freedom from indignity.

Under human security fall the major aspects of governance such as, infrastructural development, good health care, affordable and quality education, payment of wages, social security, affordable housing, good roads, ease of movement aka transportation, empowerment especially of youths and women, safety of people, their goods and property, etc.

It essentially addresses all aspects of a people’s social life, lifestyle and existence which is what governance is all about.”

Adeleke stressed further: “Now, let’s look at Seyi Makinde’s four years of glory in Oyo State, there is no section of governance he has not delivered on.

“A good leader is a man who promises and keeps his words to his people. When he assumed office in May 2019, Makinde vowed the people that he was not coming in as master but as a servant, elected to serve them. I remember that statement vividly and I knew not many believed him but those of us, his liutenants knew the new governor meant exactly what he was saying which was why we threw out weight behind him.

“His Excellency, Engineer Seyi Makinde is not a pushing man but a forceful man. He would not condescendingly push people around but he firmly demands excellence devoid of corruption, from men in position of public trust. Under Makinde, corruption is zero and as a matter of fact, most public institutions have been made productive to generate revenue and be self sustaining.” Adeleke said.

“When we discuss infrastructure, this is one area where the governor has excelled in the eyes and minds of the people of Oyo because infrastructural development is tangible. Can be felt and seen by all.

“I will mention a few of his achievements in road construction, education, health, city aesthetics and most importantly, security amongst many other great achievements of Seyi Makinde. Actually, his achievements are so numerous, I may cover the whole of your magazine if I were to mention all of them” Adeleke jocularly chuckled.

“I will begin with my organization, the Oyo Pacesetters Transport Service which now generates millions monthly to government coffers, instead of being subsidized by government as we had in past administrations. When we came here, what we met was a cemetery of locomotive. Carcases of old and dilapidated buses everywhere. We had to build from the scratch with the full, unalloyed support of Governor Seyi Makinde. Some of the old buses which we could repair where revamped and he provided an additional 60 brand new, air-conditioned layland buses as he promised the people. Today, our premises can compete with any public bus transport service in the developed world.

“During this administration, His Excellency Governor Makinde constructed four modern bus terminals which are located at exits and entrances of Ibadan: Iwo Road, New Ife Road, Challenge and Ojoo to serve intracity and intercity commuting.

Two of the bus terminals located at Challenge and Ojoo have been completed under a park management system that is remits about N70m into the state purse.

“Makinde has singularly transformed the city of Ibadan into one of the best metropolitan cities in the world. With an area landmark of 3,080 km, Ibadan now ranks among the top three best cities in Nigeria.

“Makinde embarked on a massive but determined development changes in the city.

“He Installed traffic lights at major intersections in Ibadan and constructed/reconfigured major roads with traffic log jam to make them more accessible and ensure easy flow of traffic.

“Governor Makinde constructed the computerized VIS Center at Idi-Ape and the
continuous registration of all public commercial vehicles (mini buses, tricycles, and motorcycles) carrying passengers in the state, commendably addresses the issue of human security. Not forgetting that he rid the city of touts in the guise of park unions which the previous government encouraged so as to have foot soldiers as thugs during elections “

“A total of 545.26 km of roads across Oyo State have been reconstructed or rehabilitated by Seyi Makinde. ” Adeleke disclosed.

“As I said, infrastructure does not hide so the facts are there for everyone to see and any doubting Thomas should visit Google”.

The Pacesetters Boss noted that one of the most impressive aspects of Makinde’s leadership of his people, is his diplomacy and astuteness in handling crises: “It is not news that Oyo witnessed two very crucial periods of clear and present danger in the past four years. One was the rise of dissidents which threatened the security of the state and the other one was the very scary COVID-19 which tested the resilience and leadership acumen of leaders all over the world. On these two, Governor Makinde excelled. He not only deserves a resounding accolade but he should be honoured and respected for his wisdom, hardwork and foresight. With diplomacy and empathy, our governor defeated both crises and recorded almost zero percent casualty. We must not forget and we are eternally grateful for having Seyi Makinde, a man of vision and a man who seeks unity and peace at such a critical period in our time. We must remember that unlike most governors, Seyi Makinde did not have the backing of the federal government on any of these occasions, Oyo was actually on its own, O-Y-O.”

According to the Pacesetters Boss, Oyo people are grateful to Makinde for keeping to his promises without favouritism :”I can beat my chest as a citizen of Oyo to say that Makinde has delivered on his promises to his people and will consolidate these achievements and more in the next four years, following his glowing blueprint. Let’s look at it, salaries are not only being paid but he cleared the arreas accumulated by the previous unpopular and failed APC government. Pensions are being paid, students received bursaries, educational institutions which were left to rot have been rebuilt or reconstructed. Teachers are not owed salaries.”

“Only recently, the federal government ill -advised itself to make the Naira scarce and life unbearable for Nigerians. Our governor came to the rescue of the people by providing free transportation for all citizens to allay their suffering.” He revealed.

“You see, tbe people themselves know the difference. They already know those who will buy transformer before election and go back to uproot the transformer when they lose. Is that the kind of person that can lead the people of Oyo? The APC was in Oyo for eight years and left it in rot and disrepair, the APC was in government of Nigeria for eight years and have left the people impoverished and despondent. Oyo people are one of the brightest, most educated and reasonable people in Nigeria, they see, the hear, they feel and I am sure they will troop out on Saturday and vote Makinde, Omituntun for another four years of giant developmental strides, progress, peace and human security.”

“Makinde’s second term is assured’ he said.

“We believe because he has proven and he is trusted, not because he says so but because we have seen. Because he has worked.” Adeleke concluded.

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