2023: Atiku Support Groups pledge support for Seyi Makinde re-election bid


At exactly 11:57am Mrs Oluwakemi Popoola Alabi Oloriagba1, the Deputy Director Volunteer Groups Oyo State addressed the members present. Alhaja Titilayo Asela said the prayer in an Islamic way. Immediately, the introduction of the personalities present was done one after the other.


The chairman of the occasion, Hon Maroof Akinwande commended the group members for their efforts towards the presidential election held on the 25th of February, 2023, encouraging them to do much more for the upcoming governorship election. He further explained his notice on some groups who have left the party for another party as a result of the governor attitude towards the PDP presidential candidate.

In addition, Otunba Bolaji Adigun also expressed his concerns on the financial aspect of the groups and appreciated the Chairman of the occasion for clearing doubts on the Atiku Support Groups Funds. He said his prayers concerning the governorship election ahead of the party.

Mr Oladipo Oluwole was gracious on the fund clarity and advised the members to admit the fact that PDP party is the only party that can restructure Nigeria. Some members pleaded to forget the issues that has occurred during the presidential election and implored the members of the Atiku Groups to support the re-election of H. E Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde as the Governor beyond 2023.

A member from Oluyole local Government also implored the members to speak with the aggrieved members to succumb and vote for the PDP party in the governorship election forthcoming.

Bishop Ademola James also requested from Hon Akinwande, the chairman of the occasion ‘if the governor was aware of the groups called Atiku Supporting Groups in the state?’ and ‘if the the governor is ready to work with the Atiku Supporting Groups without sentiment?’

Hon Alakufo also made the present members understand that the love of the party made them available at the meeting and must not be gone unnoticed.

Ambassador Makinde requested for an agreement between the governor Engr Seyi Makinde and the Atiku Supporting Groups if there must be a work team from the groups towards the governorship election.

The chairman of the occasion, Hon Akinwande reacted to all the questions, he also promised the group members to relate their questions to the governor during the meeting hint His Excellency on our request to meet with him. After a logical conclusion, the Atiku Supporting Groups pledged their full support on the gubernatorial and assembly candidates of the party coming forth.

List Of Atiku Support Group Who Pledged Their Support For Governor Seyi Makinde Reelection bid Include;

1. Grassroot Supports Initiatives for GSM

2. Fix Oyo State with GSM

3. ASO House to House Network

4. Atiku Hope For Nigeria Preside

5. Restructuring for Atiku

6. Atiku HF NGP

7. Aso Coululim Network

8. Atikulated Global Movement (AGM)

9. Women Youth Pathfinder Initiative for Atiku

10. Atiku Okowa Presidential Movement

11. Non Indigene Forum Nigeria

12. PDP Integrity Forum

13. Let Fix Nigeria with Atiku

14. Atiku for Real 2023

15. Atiku Women Support

16. Women for Grassroot Support Initiative

17. Peace & Unity Group

18.Atisbo Atiku Youth Vangard

19. National Mandate Atiku

20. Atiku Support Group (ASO)

22. Atiku Network for Change to Nigeria

23. PDP National Youths Students Movement

24. Atiku 9ja Choice Movement

25. Dynamic International Women

26. The Grassroot Ambassador (TGAW)

27. PDP integrity Forum

28. United Farmer’s Association of Nigeria, Oyo State.


Mrs Oluwakemi Popoola Alabi Oloriagba1 Member NWCC and Deputy Director Volunteer Groups Oyo State.

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