My father-in-law slapped me, vowed to destroy my life — Man tells court

A Field Assistant, Mr Sunday Oguntoye, on Tuesday, visited an Igando customary court for divorce from his wife, Toyin.

Oguntoye accused his wife of abandonment.

He also accused her of being a nag.

He said she, over a year ago, left their matrimonial home with their three children.

He said he wants the court to grant him custody of the children.

“Our fights stem from the fact that she compares me a lot to her family members and outsiders. She calls me a good-for-nothing man with little or no achievement and how she regrets marrying me.

“I have reported her to her family who always caution her. She nags a lot and I am fed up,” he said.

He also informed the court that his wife has stopped cooking for him. ”My father-in-law slapped me and cursed me, telling me he can make me a cripple and ruin my life,” he alleged.

The respondent, Toyin who was reported to have since relocated to Ibadan, was not present at the court and has refused to honor the invitation of the court.

The case was adjourned by the The President of the Court, Mr Adeniyi Koledoye, until July 12.

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