Group Alerts Governor Ikpeazu over threat to the Life of Mr Obinna Oriaku

A group by name Isiala Ngwa South Core Professionals (home and abroad), a socio- cultural group, have vehemently condemned the spate of sponsored media war and threats to the life of their son and brother, Obinna Oriaku the immediate past Honorable Commissioner for Finance Abia State.

In a letter signed by one Chinedu Micah the National President and made available to the press, the group decried what they called,”unending and provocative attack” on their son Mr Obinna Oriaku. According to them,” we thought that the enmity against Obinna would have siezed after he was forcefully removed from the Government of Okezie Victor Ikpeazu that he fought relentless to see that it succeeds but surprisingly these faceless, but well known, pepetrators of evil, who have sworn to an ungodly oath to destroy Abia State alongside anybody that stands their way,are not relenting.”

They informed that they have it in good knowledge some security reports that implicates some well meaning Abians who are plotting to harm the life of Obinna . They therefore warned that they will no longer take such threats to the life of their son for granted,pointing that in an event anything, unsavoury, happens to Obinna or any member of his family, they will come heavily against those unscrupulous, ubiquitous enemies of, Obinna,Abia, Ikpeazu and good governance,who follows Obinna everywhere he goes.  Adding that they will not also take it with a pinch of salt the ceasless bringandage against “a man of grace and integrity” and orchestrated ploys to implicate Obinna on matters that he is innocent of.

The group further avered that Obinna is not the problem of Abia state, “if Obinna was the problem of the civil servants then their salaries would have been coming promptly. If Obinna was the problem of Abia workers Absuth and Abiapoly won’t be owned for over 20 months and pensioners wont be owed too.The people fighting Obinna know that they,not Obinna, are the problem of Abia State and untill they let Abians have their freedom Abia State will continue to rigmarole in debt and impoverishment.” 

While they commend the Governor for his spirited efforts to reclaim Abia from the Emperor’s strong hold ,which Abia is bound for years, they however advised that the total freedom of the state is predicated on the governor’s courage to untie himself from the so called “emperor’s stranglehold”.

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