In Kwara Government, political lies prevail

A place where truth is forbidden definitely lies shall be their best act. Society where truth is abomination, nothing to be expected than lies and a state where truth is being disgusted, lies will always be their robust.

Ain’t more than two years in office lies have become an habit which shouldn’t be so, rather to give full attention to the campaign promises made to kwarans by the co Otoge mantra before the emergence of this present administration led by Gov, AbdulRahman AbdulRasaq with which supposed to be their first priority. Unfortunately, lies have been the embodiment on the watch of APC government in the state led by Governor AbdulRasaq.

Today, behind the exact two years of Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq led government in Kwara State, comes with various interpretations, perceptions and postulations. Series of writings have been emerged prior to today and up to the moment, articles are still coming on from different angles. Writers judge the government of two years base on their perspectives. In many, objectivity is not maintained. This is as a result of having political affiliations with the government. The lack of objectivity in some articles that evolved government’s aides, supporters, loyalists and hailers in defending their master with what it takes to any length without considering the public interest.

In grading the performance, achievement and excellence of this APC led-administration in Kwara State, the most appropriate authorities to bear the task are the less privilege in the society, workers and the general public at large not any government aides. What will a government loyalist say if not to praise sing his or her personal benefactor? So far, the public can rate and rank the government in comparing to that of the previous administrations in the state. Articles written by government-employed workers and writers are more hyperbolic in content and full of political concoctions.

However, the present government made series of claims for the responsibility, facilitation of many already established projects which the citizens, themselves, countered. The truth of the matter is that the government is just looking for ways, by all means, to relegate, belittle and discredit the efforts made by the past governments. Among the claiming project on ground before this government came onboard. The record is there for verification.

Also, the glory of many buildings, construction of health centers and procurement of health facilities and equipments at NYSC Camp, Ypata is attributed to Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq led government. Without any iota of doubt, the said claim is false as the projects, construction, rehabilitation, have been executed by the past governments with full equipments. No space for this government to make a claim of responsibility. People are wise and records are there too.

Furthermore, people of Kwara state who are very conversant with the historical accounts of infrastructural development in the state can testify against the present government of prestige attributed to itself of some roads, constructions and appointments which have been achieved by last the administrations.

Of recent, Enetsud, a foremost civil society organization in Kwara state, exposed the lies, corruption and inflation of fund detected in a renovated schools by the state government. Thanks to ENetsud for letting people know the truth about Government High School, Adeta and others.

Likewise, SUBEB ICT contract, as was undeniably said, is planned to give Khadijah BA and 122 unregistered companies and so on.

Happy 2years anniversary Governor AbdulRasaq.

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