#EndSARS: Destruction won’t help you achieve your goals, Tinubu tells youths

Bola Tinubu, national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has urged youths to eschew violence.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Agege Pen-Cinema Bridge in Lagos on Friday, Tinubu advised youths to shy away from thuggery, adding that the mindset of destruction will not make them attain their goals.

The October 2020 #EndSARS protests against police brutality were hijacked by hoodlums, resulting in looting, vandalism and arson in some states.

In Lagos, private and public facilities were looted, razed, and destroyed.

Commenting on the development, Tinubu said the government is ready to help the youths get the right education, urging them to give peace a chance in the state.

“Don’t copy vagabonds and those who are into thuggery. There is no development if there is no peace. We must encourage peace. The government will ensure that you get the right education. Education is an investment in your future,” Tinubu said.

“Destruction and disruption will not help you to reach the destination you desire to reach. We will support your aspirations but help the state, ensure peace in our state and country.”

The former Lagos governor commended the state government for carrying on with its developmental projects despite the chaos and economic disruption witnessed during the protests.

“Despite the turbulence and crisis of the virus, the lockdown, you are able to continue to deliver this state. You have shown great determination as a government,” he said.

One thought on “#EndSARS: Destruction won’t help you achieve your goals, Tinubu tells youths

  1. Tinubu suggested the EndSARS protest was hijacked by hoodlums but I put it back to him that, it was his government that started that trend when they injected hoodlums to infiltrate the protests everywhere. Example was seen in Abuja and in Ikeja. The protests started peacefully and with no face. Because the government found no particular leaders for the protests that they could arrest and use as scapegoats, they designed the tactic of infiltrating the peaceful protests with hoodlums so they could crack down on the real peaceful protesters.

    When that attempt failed because the peaceful nature of the protests continued, they marked Lekki Toll Gate, area of a very peaceful and organised but persistent action, which had hitherto hindered the generation of a questionable revenue into the wallets of the Lagos State Government and the private pockets of Tinubu and decided to use the area as point of cracking down on the hitherto very peaceful protests, just because of the money involved. They used excessive force against innocent youths and killed many of them by gunfire directly aimed at them. Shame.

    There s no need to change the narrative now. Everyone knows the reasons behind the use of Lekki Toll Gate as a point of crackdown and why those innocent youths were slaughtered. It was all because of Lagos State and Tinubu’s money.

    He says now that, the youths won’t gain anything by protesting. That is especially said to allow the State rebuild the Tolling structures at Lekki so he can continue accepting blood money from them. Shame on Tinubu and his cohorts. The blood of those innocent youths will hunt him forever, as he continues to search for his unqualified relevance in his party and government with all his insensitive and stupid comments and speeches.

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