Segun Ogunwuyi: A Cosmopolitan Emerald — Ahmed Adebowale

Hon. Segun Ogunwuyi isn’t just a boss, he is a mentor with scores of known and unknown mentees. A vibrant politician who’s making lasting impacts in the lives of people, and a perfect gentleman who respects all and sundry regardless of creed, class, or divide.

An emerald is a bright, green, and precious stone that glisters. It is known as a symbol of truth, love, faith, kindness, fortune, inspiration, unity, hope, friendship, intelligence, patience, passion, bliss and happiness. An emerald is a stone of intuition. “A Cosmopolitan Emerald”, sure he is, and he is even more.

Apart from his brilliance, what many don’t know about his politics is that it was never a do or die affair for him. I have said this before, but I’ll reiterate it here — Ogunwuyi is never a desperate politician.

Ahmed A. Adebowale

A silent philanthropists, for every one thing that gets to the media about his contributions to humanity, there are tens of others that they never allow gets to the media, he’s so much believe in earning rewards from his good deeds, as against media stunts most politicians pull. That’s the vantage Ogunwuyi!

You may want to take this from me, Ogunwuyi is a dedicated man who always stands out and ensure effective delivery of services whenever he is given the mandate and called to serve.

On this day of his birth, I pray for a prolonged, meaningful, eventful, and impactful life for his person, I pray for everlasting perfect health condition for his person, I pray for not just riches but clean affluence for his “not-so-rich” person, and may his good works live long after him (Amin thuma Amin).

May all your wishes come true Sire, “Happy birthday sir”

Ahmed Adetunji Adebowale is a student at the University of Ilorin, LMP boy, and also an unknown mentee of Hon. Segun Ebenezer Ogunwuyi. 08108302763

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