BIRTHDAY: Orire LG boss congratulates DG OYSIPA, Ogunwuyi

Caretaker Chairperson, Oriire Local Government, Hon. Lydia Bankole has facilitated the Director General, OYSIPA, Hon Segun Ebenezer Ogunwuyi on the occasion of his birthday.

In the statement released to Mouthpiece NGR on Tuesday, Mrs Lydia Bankole described Hon Segun Ogunwuyi as a vibrant politician who’s making lasting impacts in the lives of people, and a perfect gentleman who respects all and sundry regardless of creed, class, or divide.

She said; “Ogunwuyi is man who has the love of his people at heart and he’s making impacts in their lives without any form discrimination in creed, class or their divides.

“On this day of his birth, I pray for a prolonged, meaningful, eventful, and impactful life for his person, I pray for everlasting perfect health condition for his person”- she added.

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