I will kill myself if I don’t meet Wizkid before July 31st— Lady cries out

A Nigerian Lady identified as Peace Fiona Diamond on Facebook has vowed to terminate her life if she doesn’t get the opportunity to meet with popular artist, Wizkid, before the end of this month July.

She urged the public to help link her to the Nigerian artist as soon as possible. She disclosed that she is not joking and asking that her request be considered as serious.

According to the lady, she keeps seeing Wizkid in her dreams and he assures her they will meet one day. She added that she has lost concentration and is worried over her dreams and is calling on to anyone who can link her up to the artist.

According to her, “I am going to end my life if I don’t meet Wizkid before the ending of this month. I am not joking, this is not a mare issue. Am going crazy, every time I always see you in my dreams you keep on telling me we will surely meet one day. I am tired of this one. I can’t wait again because every time the dream play on my head, I will lose concentration because I always think of the dream. I just want to eat you nothing but to meet you because that’s the promise you made and I can’t wait again because I am losing. Please let me just see you and I will calm down. I wish I am a power ranger I would have come and met you wherever you are”

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