BREAKING: Italy Has Successfully Developed the World’s First Coronavirus Vaccine That Works on Humans

COVID-19 pandemic is a global challenge now. Many countries have been hit hard by the pandemic.

The global cases so far is 3,693,796 with 1,224, 099 recoveries and 255,590 deaths according to worldmeter’s count on Tuesday, 5 May.

The race is on to find a vaccine to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Countries around the world are using different vaccine technologies to try and find ones that can halt the pandemic.

There are more than 102 candidate vaccines that researchers are working on, eight of which are now being tested in clinical trials in humans.

Italy has claimed that it has successfully developed the world’s first coronavirus vaccine that works on humans, Arab News has reported.

As per the tests carried out at Rome’s infectious-disease Spallanzani Hospital, the coronavirus vaccine has antibodies generated in mice that work on human cells.

“This is the most advanced stage of testing of a candidate vaccine created in Italy,” Luigi Aurisicchio, CEO of Takis, the firm developing the medication told Italian newsagency ANSA in a report. (Phfeeds)

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