Coronavirus: ‘Publish details of donations and disbursement so far now’— Akin Adeyi tells Oyetola

A member of People’s Democratic Party in Osun state, Mr Akin Adeyi has asked Governor Oyetola to publish details of donations and disbursement so far as the the Second Half of Covid-19 begins. 
This is was contained in a release made available to Mouthpiece NGR on Friday. 
Mr Adeyi said “Before we go too far in this just beginning second half of the lockdown in Osun State it is important we review the first phase. This is imperative. Let us stop, test and reexamine our ways if we must have a better second half outing.”
“The first half though, have come and gone with its many good, bad and the ugly. Needless to emphasise on the fact that the bad and the ugly largely outweighed the good.”
Mr Adeyi asked the government of Governor Oyetola to publish details of donations it has received so far. Such details should include names of donors (though, optional and at the strict dictate of donor), the quantity of donations, amounts(where cash was the donations).
He said “The government is also indebted to its citizens at the same time in the publication of disbursement details. Let Mr Oyetola tell us on what strategy he employed in his disbursement of donated items. Who and where in the state got what and through whom? This could be very important to the government fast weaning integrity. People are wondering and talking.”
“They are asking questions on where went the first round of donations. Some are accusing the political functionaries and their family members of their involvement in the stealing, pilfering and looting of donated items which they said vamoosed mostly into the GRA at odd hours. The Vulnerable, we are all aware, can not afford the luxury of dwelling in the GRA. People went as far as saying that the stealing spree made possible with korope mini buses at nights.”
He urged Mr Oyetola to ensure transparency in this second half. 
“It is by his doing so that the past donors and the intending ones too will be glad and encouraged to do more for the state  in this second round.”
The publication of details on how it went so far between him and the donors also between his government and the vulnerable whom donations are meant will, in no small measure, help wash his name and government’s that have been already battered by mutual  suspicion and citizens distrust, “Adeyi added. 

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