Nigerian cardiologist reveal new preventive measure against Covid-19

Former minister of Corporation and Integration in Africa, Dr. Bimbola Ogunkelu has disclosed a preventive measure against the pandemic Covid-19. 
Abimbola, a consultant physician and cardiologist made the disclosure at his Lagos residence on Monday while speaking with press men. 
The  Medical Expert said: “These are difficult times. We can however fight the pandemic and win. The coronavirus invades the body via the nasal passages, the sinuses and the mouth. The virus grows and replicates in the lining(mucosa) of these passages before spreading to the lungs, where maximum damage is done.”
“It is known that the virus cannot survive a temperature of 56⁰ Celcius. Therefore if we can deliver +56⁰C to the nasal  passages/sinuses for 10-15 minutes daily we can destroy the virus in situ. This can be achieved if we go back to what our grandparents did to treat a bad cold – (STEAM INHALATION) Heat up water to boiling(100⁰C), place the boiled water in a bowl, cover your head over the bowl of steam with a large towel. Inhale and exhale the steam for 10-15 minutes. Do this daily as a preventive/curative measure.”
Dr Ogunkelu noted that the measure is useful only before the virus invades the lungs. 
“Since we have low capacity to carry out tests for coronavirus in Nigeria, it is better to strike before irreversible damage is done. If a person already has nose cold, carry out the steam inhalation twice daily.”
“May God help us all. Amen

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