Covid-19: How Osun government is deceiving people— Bamidele’s aide

Aide to Rep Member Bamidele Salam and staunch Adeleke Supporter, Mr Akintunde Bello Sheriff ABS has asked Osun government about its sincerity towards the fight against coronavirus. 
In a statement obtained by Mouthpiece NGR on Tuesday, Mr Sheriff berated the government for deceiving people and having ulterior motives beyond fighting the coronavirus.
The statement reads “When the battle began, we all forgone our party politics to support government and drive cooperation for her. However before too long, we started seeing that government has other ulterior motives beyond fighting the Coronavirus. Otherwise they will not harass indigenous businesses that pose lighter harm and indulge Justrite mall and others where they have interest by keeping them opened despite that they pose greater threat. 
Mr sherif further said within the time that government has banned public gathering, we have evidence that the same government is encouraging gathering in the guise of malaria nets distribution in the LGs because it suits the fancy of the APC. Too bad!
Now to the main point, exactly one week ago, the Commissioner for Health as well as the SA were at the House of Assembly of Osun State where they promised heaven on earth in their supposed fight against Covid-19. Among the assurances given was that the Government through the ministry of health was going to immediately make available hand sanitizers at the chamber and all the respective quarter of the honourable members at their official residence. 
The government officials added that this will be replicated at public places. However up till now, this has remained a pipe dream as nothing has been put in place in this regard.
“What exactly is the Osun State Government doing to fight Covid-19 beyond grammar rendition? Are they preparing any food bank in case of total lockdown? Are there designated random places where people can carry out simple tests to know their status? What are the drugs government has procured to boost mass immunity and those to curtail in case the bubble bursts? All we have seen is just camera show and it is unfortunate.
“People are therefore enjoined to shift their hope away from people and fellow men and look up to God. Let us go to God and start praying. People in Ife have rumoured yesterday that there is an index case in their town but for people like us, we believe that by faith in God, there won’t be troubles”

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