Ladoja Speaks On Fresh FM 105.9

An exclusive interview with the Former Governor of Oyo state, Senator Rashidi Adewolu Ladoja. 
1. Ajimobi didn’t present his degree result. Taking a critical look, Ajimobi is also corrupt. 
2. It was a critical decision to support lanlehin, but I took it, I begged him to follow me to ZLP but he refused. Sarafa is part of my success. 
3. Ability to take critical decisions at crucial moments, may differentiate lanlehin from Alli. 
4. I am not here to discuss the modernity of Oyo state, as some goes about to call themselves Architect of Modern Oyo state,
Bt i don’t see anything modern in our Education, availability of water.
6. If My administration scores 10/12 or 10/10
Alli was my COS and also SSG
So his input will be  2 or 3.
He knows where we stopped and He can re-engineer  Oyo
7. They begged me when the decision of the senators were taken, i succumbed, they begged me when that of Fedral Rep and Sate was taken, but i decided it was enough when that of the Deputy Governor was taken.
8. LANLEHIN didn’t pick his deputy, he was not even given a choice. I chose AKALA. Why will a governor not have the chance to Chose his own deputy ? That means a factional and parallel government will be run. 
9. This decision to leave ADC has been on for over 3 months.
ADC is a crisis Ridden party.
LANLEHIN will not be honest with you, he is expected to act as if everything is okay. I begged him to let’s leave the crisis ridden party but he refused. 
10. We thought we can run a party after the almagamation.
But different interest did not gel. Lanlehin didn’t take the decision when it matters.
11. I am a specialist in running small parties. I successfuly run accord. Those that rigged us out in 2015 confessed to us. Accord won that election in 2015.
12. Alli didn’t betray me by running against me in 2015. He is simply exercising his constitional right. All those is now behind me.
13. People were suprised by the results Accord party had in 2011, a party formed 2 months to election. A lot will be shocked. 
14. Politicians are not the oneS that wins elections, though they interface with voters. There were more politicians in PDP and APP in 1999 but the people voted AD. No notable politicians followed us to accord and we were a success.  ZLP will be successful.
15. I failed in my bid to become the National Chairman of PDP. The party is full of Impunity and i left PDP because it’s already a factional party.
16. It happened under Markarfi
I wasn’t forced out of PDP, i left myself to avoid strife

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