BetNaija player who won ₦16.7M with ₦1,000 gets only  ₦3M, cries out 

A Nigerian punter, Lukman Teriba, has come forward with a shocking revelation, claiming that after winning a staggering N16.7 million from a N1,000 bet on 37 games with BetNaija, he was only paid a mere N3 million.

Teriba’s bittersweet victory has sparked outrage among the betting community and raised questions about the integrity of the popular betting platform.

According to Teriba, he successfully predicted the outcomes of 37 games, placing a modest N1,000 bet that yielded an impressive N16.7 million in winnings. 

However, when he presented his winning ticket at the betting shop, he was informed that the funds had already been withdrawn.

Undeterred, Teriba escalated the matter to BetNaija’s head office, where the management intervened and persuaded their agent to release his winnings.

Despite reaching an agreement, Teriba claims that the agent only transferred N3 million to his account, far short of the N16.7 million he had rightfully won.

Online critics have pointed out that this is not an isolated incident, alleging that BetNaija has a history of withholding winnings from lucky punters. 

Some have even accused the National Lottery Regulatory Commission of turning a blind eye to such practices, allowing betting companies to operate with impunity.

Teriba’s story has reignited the debate about the regulation and oversight of the betting industry in Nigeria. Many are calling for stricter measures to ensure that betting companies honor their commitments and pay out winnings in full, without undue delay or manipulation.

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