Your selection as new Soun of Ogbomoso is divine— Princess Adedoja congratulates Pastor Ghandi

Princess Aderonke Ramat Adedoja, the daughter of a former president of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ), the late Alhaji Bola Adedoja, has congratulated the newly announced Soun-designate of Ogbomoso land, Prince Olaoye Afolabi Ghandi.

Adedoja, who is the founder of Aderonke Ramat Adedoja Foundation (ARA), said the choice of the brand new imperial majesty to lead people is not fortuitous but devine.

In her congratulatory message on Sunday, she noted that Pastor Ghandi has being a wonderful father and mentor over twenty-five years when RCCG Jesus House DC was started in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA.

She wrote: “Your preaching of the Words of the Lord and mentorship have made a great impact in our lives, people like Shaffy Bello, who is doing wonderful well in Theatre industry globally, Rev Olubunmi Bankole, Gbenga Erinle, my able self and numerous people, have turned out to be outstanding members of the society by your guidance .

“It’s no doubt that you are going to deploy to use, your wealth of experience, connection and exposure to uplift the exalted position of Soun, Ogbomosho land , Oyo state traditional institution and humanity in general.

Kabiesi, Ade a pe lori,
Bata a pe lese.
Pepe lowu saaro,
Atepe lese tena, Ogbo a to.
Igba yin atura fun gbogbo mutumuwa…

May your reign be blessed, Kabiyesi.

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