My Take On Religion Sentiment In Nigeria By Victor Aderibigbe 

Firstly, let’s all pretend as if we all don’t choose our religion by birth. If baba Ifayemi Elebuibon gave birth to you, I’m doubly sure you will be inviting me yearly to your ifa festival.

Nobody comes with religion from heaven and our forefathers exist in this life before us while they lived without all our imported religions.

It’s unfortunate that the westerners that enslaved our forefathers are same people showing us the way to PARADISE/HEAVEN. How is it possible for them to suddenly love us that much to the extent of doing everything for us to make heaven.

They gave us a religion that told us in their holy book to turn the other cheek if someone slapped the left one. That’s a slave and master act in nature.

During the last Covid, the westerners find it so difficult to give us vaccines that will save us from dying but they are always very quick to import unlimited Bibles of different version and Quran to our continent to keep us busy with sentiments in order to slow down our development.

We have used all our massive lands to build biggest church and mosques without building industries. If the number of religious centers we have are oil rigs, the westerners could have stopped us but NO, they know we are busy with what will keep us below them.

Anything an African is doing and the westerners don’t intervene, definitely it’s something being done wrongly. This same westerners that gave us foreign religion stole our Arts and idols massively; lots are stolen from Benin. Ife and Old Oyo empire, also lots are stolen during FESTAC FESTIVAL.They stole the gods they told us not to worship to their country and used it to their own advantage. Some are just been repatriated after they are done with it, or how do you think they came about the modern technologies?

The westerners needs the religion they gave us more than us because they brought about gays, drug trafficking and usage, Halloween, gun running and other social vices.

They make Halloween and Father Christmas look so good to Africans whereby they castigate our Masquerade festivals. Our society are better of when we are practicing the religion of our forefathers. Those times, you can put your goods outside and indicate the amount with stones while people will put your money there and you will meet it there.

The religion they gave us have infiltrated our society such that nobody can sleep with eyes closed and they know when our society becomes horrible, we will come back to their country for them to continue using us like a slave that we ran away from. At least you can see the rate of people that JAPA to the western countries.m on daily basis. 

They will hardly engage in white collar job unless they have a higher certification in special skills but rather they will engage them with human labor and disengage them once they came up with a machine or robot that can replace their service and compensate them with money for them to forget their heritage.

They will do this and be useful to the foreign country till they become weak and old while they return home for them to die in their father land. Africa have suddenly become a grave yard for our people that went in search of greener pasture. Our religious leaders lives a flamboyant and luxury lifestyle while their flocks lavish in abject poverty. 

If a religion leader is in need, he will ask the congregation to provide which they will collectively do,but when a congregant is in dare need, the religion leader will tell him or her to kneel down for prayers. ALAS!!!

My people, of what benefits is the religion they gave us? rather the religion divide us across board. We all don’t care about religion whenever we want to trade or transact our personal business but rather we only do bring religion to the center whenever we want to be hypocritical in order to divide ourselves.

Religion doesn’t develop a nation or anyone rather hard work develops nations. Lots of countries that developed, practice their native religion, which binds them together and increase their productivity. Example, (China and INDIA). 

Presently, President Tinubu is in India soliciting for investors to come to Nigeria, a country which have HINDU as their major native religion. Majority of things we are using in Nigeria is from China, a nation that is neither Christian nor Muslim. If you watch the coronation of KING CHARLES OF ENGLAND, one will get to see them practicing their native ritual to install a new king.

Intentionally, the westerners promote more of religion in African to keep us busy and keep us underdeveloped while it divide us. You will see a church having program everyday of the week while some major roads are being blocked in the name of religion.

The westerners gave us a religion that magnifies heaven and nobody want to die to go there including them. What the westerners want is exactly what we are doing to each other with our religion sentiments. I so much appreciate all the south west state for creating a day to celebrate ISESE DAY cos that’s our root.

Religion makes brothers to kill fellow brothers while the westerners laugh at our grave. Israel don’t pray to God of Israel to make their country better rather they engage themselves with lots of hard work which increases their productivity. If westerners bash poverty same way they makes us bash our native religion, poverty could have elope from Africa rather they are using funds to develop nations in fighting various needless wars.

The westerners are benefiting from our hypocrisy. As for me, nothing will ever divide me against another as I love every other person so dearly no matter the religion. Let’s continue to support our culture and traditions because it’s our HERITAGE.




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