REBRANDING: Friends of Deji Ola (FOD) unveils new logo, charges volunteers to remain focused, impact more lives

Friends of Deji Ola, a registered non governmental organization today, 27th August, 2023 unveiled its new official logo. 

The Convener, Mr Deji Ola, after the NGO’s quarterly meeting disclosed to news men that, the change in their official logo is one of their many strategic priorities to match with the current technological advances in the world, noting that all their mission, vision, objectives and ethics remain unchanged. 

Ola explained that there are three main objects on the new logo, the moon and sun represents feminine and masculine energy respectively. These two planets comes together with the same unique aims, objectives, vision and mission under well established ethics to replicate more positive ideas, which will further be subjected into more tests before its transformation into reality. 

“Sun and moon both represents our sources of light that gives direction, radiates rays which shines to allow volunteers, youths and other people within the ngo to see opportunities around them.

“This is our major strength while tapping low hanging fruits,” He noted. 

He further stated that the Star-like objects in the logo represents rays of light, fresh ideas and renewed zealotry. 

They are products of positive energies between the two common genders in our foundation. In addition, they also represents less privileged individuals under the care of respective volunteers in the NGO. 

Ola boasted that, the organization is really working hard to extend their lives touching mission to other parts of the state, charged the volunteers to remain focused during the cause of discharging their random act of kindness. 

“There is great passion, love, zeal and healthy relationships between critical stakeholders of our NGO just as displayed through all objects in the logo. This is the main secret behind our success stories.

“We are not going to drop the ball nor break the bound,” he asserted.

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